Banjo¡¯s ViP Club Card ¨C Terms & Conditions

By registering and/or using your Banjo¡¯s ViP Club card, you consent to the following terms of this agreement.

How do I join the Banjo¡¯s ViP Rewards Program?

How do I earn Banjo¡¯s $¡¯s?

How do I redeem my Banjo¡¯s dollars?


What do I receive as my free Birthday bonus?

Help, I have lost my Banjo¡¯s ViP Club Card or forgotten my password

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Banjo¡¯s ViP Club Card ¨C Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Banjo¡¯s ViP Loyalty Club?

Banjo¡¯s ViP Club is a loyalty club for all Banjos¡¯ customers and is designed to deliver rewards for their patronage.  ViP Club members will receive Banjo¡¯s$ rewards when they make a purchase (conditions apply), regular communications and exclusive offers.

How do I accumulate points on my Banjo¡¯s ViP Loyalty Club card?

Banjo¡¯s$ are accumulated when purchasing select Banjo¡¯s products.  Your Banjo¡¯s ViP Loyalty Club Card must be presented to accumulate points on purchases.

How do I redeem my points for product?

As Banjo¡¯s$ are accumulated, you can choose to redeem them at any time. Your Banjo¡¯s ViP Club Card must be presented to redeem.

Can I use my Banjo¡¯s ViP Club card at any Banjo¡¯s outlet?

You sure can.  Banjo¡¯s has many outlets throughout Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.  To find an outlet close to you, please CLICK HERE

Does my card expire?

Your Banjo¡¯s ViP Club card will only expire if it has not been used for 12 consecutive months.  Prior to expiring, Banjo¡¯s will make all efforts to contact you with the contact details provided by yourself to ensure you are able to use up any redeemed points prior to expiry.

What if I have forgotten my password or lost my card?

Replacement passwords can be sourced by clicking on ¡®forgot my password¡¯.  Lost cards can be replaced by picking up a new card from a Banjo¡¯s Bakery and following the links on the website

Can I have a card for my business?

Banjo¡¯s ViP Club is limited to individuals and not companies or other entities at this time.

What are my responsibilities?

As a ViP Club member you are responsible for ensuring your information is current and correct and you will adhere to the terms and conditions under which the ViP Club operates.  This includes but is not limited to notifying of change of address, lost cards and using the card in accordance with this agreement.